Preparation and Evaluation of Ocular Inserts containing Brimonidine Tartrate

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Dipti Patel
M. M. Patel
N. M. Patel
Manish Patel


Ophthalmic inserts of Brimonidine Tartrate (BT) were prepared in polyvinyl alcohol-L (PVA-L) matrix. The influence of rate controlling membranes made of ethyl cellulose (EC) in combination of polyvinyl pyrrolidone-K30 (PVP-K30) in different proportions on drug release kinetics was studied. The data were subjected to regression analysis. The physical characteristics of the films were evaluated. All the films prepared found to be uniform in thickness and in weight. In vitro results revealed that all the formulations followed super case II kinetics release (n > 1). The study confirmed the Brimonidine Tartrate can be delivered through films made of PVA-L matrix cast with EC with a combination of PVP-K30. It was also observed that increasing the proportion of PVP-K30 into EC increased the rate of release of Brimonidine Tartrate. Optimizes formulation F2 were evaluated for in vivo release characteristics using rabbits as animal models. The optimized formulation F2 was stable at accelerated storage condition 40B0C / 75 % RH and nonirritant.

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