Basics and Therapeutic Potential of Oral Mucoadhesive Microparticulate Drug Delivery Systems

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Nikhil K. Sachan
A. Bhattacharya


Bioadhesion is an interfacial phenomenon in which two materials, at least one of which is biological are held together by means of interfacial forces, when the associated biological system is mucous, it is called mucoadhesion. This property of certain polymeric systems have got place in the drug delivery research in order to prolong contact time in the various mucosal route of drug administration as the ability to maintain a delivery system at a particular location for an extended period of time has a great appeal for both local disease treatment as well as systemic drug bioavailability. Considerable attention is focused on the development of controlled drug delivery systems, offering the advantages of better therapeutic efficacy and is easier to comply with than the conventional regimens requiring more frequent dosing. The objective of this paper is to establish the procedure to study polymer bioadhesion to understand structural requirement of bioadhesive in order to design improved bioadhesive polymer for oral use.

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